Prevention plans



They are a set of actions that will make it possible to promote new measures to improve coordination and improve the safety of the Spanish tourism sector.

The main objective of the "Safe Tourism Plan" is to permanently increase public safety in tourist areas and provide a safer environment for tourists during their stay in our country.

It also intends to support and actively contribute to actions in the sector by the Government of Spain and by the Autonomous and Local Administrations, favoring the Spanish tourism sector and cooperating in achieving a higher degree of competitiveness, as well as cooperating among all public institutions and private companies involved in the tourism sector.



The Ministry of the Interior has designed and implemented a police action plan to improve the safety of the elderly, who already represent 16.6% of the population in Spain.

The objectives of the plan, called the Greater Security Plan, are essentially three:

Prevent the main threats that affect the safety of the elderly (abuse in its different aspects; robberies and thefts, especially in the environment of banking entities; and scams)
Encourage the confidence of the elderly in the State Security Forces and Bodies and encourage them to report any criminal activity that affects them.
Improve the police response in its care for the elderly.



With the implementation of this Master Plan, the Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior seeks to respond in a coordinated way to issues related to the safety of children and young people at school and their environment, improve their knowledge of police resources for the prevention of crime and protection of victims, make them aware of the need to eradicate violent behaviors from the school environment, encourage the development of a proactive attitude in rejecting and reporting these behaviors and strengthen police cooperation with educational authorities.


FIGHT AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE. Actions for the protection and police assistance to women victims.

The Comprehensive Monitoring System for Gender Violence (GBV) -started in March 2007 and became operational in August of the same year-, places the female victim at the center of its activity, and integrates the resources in a single application. operational and risk assessment tools to assist and protect victims of gender-based violence.

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