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Bandera Unión Europea

Programa de Solidaridad - Unión Europea (English version)

Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows

The main objective of the Solidarity framework programme is to address the issue of a fair share of responsibilities between Member States in the introduction of integrated management of the external borders of the Member States of the European Union and from the implementation of common policies on asylum and immigration. The programme will provide financial support to Member States in proportion to the efforts they undertake for the benefit of the Community as a whole.

The framework programme consists of four financial instruments or Funds, each one of them aimed to cover one specific field of the integrated management of migration flows:

  1. the External Borders Fund, which purpose is to improve the control and the surveillance of the borders of the Union.
  2. the Return Fund, intended for voluntary and forced return policies for immigrants from third countries in an illegal residence status.
  3. the Integration Fund, intended for integration policies for immigrants from third countries in a regular residence status.
  4. the European Refugee Fund, intended for asylum policies.

The Ministry of Interior has the responsibility of the management of the External Borders Fund and the Return Fund.

More information on the framework programme "Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows" can be found in the following web page: